24 February, 2016

Historical Archive of the Spanish Business Cycle

Quarterly Frequency

Download quarterly dating since 1970

PeakTroughLength of RecessionLength of ExpansionExplanation
1974Q41975Q23 quarters12 quartersThe Oil recessions
1978Q31979Q24 quarters50 quarters
1992Q11993Q37 quarters58 quartersThe European Crisis
2008Q22009Q47 quarters3 quartersThe Double Recession
2010Q42013Q213 quarters26 quarters
2019Q4---The COVID-19 recession

Notes: Data on Quarterly National Accounts by the Instituto Nacional de Estadística (INE) available from 1970Q1. Data from 1995 based on the new 2010 base of the Spanish National Accounts, following SEC-2010. Peak and trough are included in the duration of the recession. Both are excluded from expansions.

Suggested citation:
Spanish Economic Association (2015), “Chronology of the Spanish Business Cycle”, Spanish Business Cycle Dating Committee.