The 43rd edition of the SAEe wil take place in the Getafe Campus of the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

  • Plenary sessions: Aula Magna (Rectorado Bldg. 8)

  • Parallel sessions: Building 14 (Concepción Arenal Bldg.)

  • Job market: Building 15 (López Arangurez Bldg.)

  • Coffee breaks: Hall Building 14 (Concepción Arenal Bldg.)
  • Address:
    Calle Madrid 126, 28903 Getafe, Madrid
    In the map below you will find the location of the venue, the place where the social events will be held and the hotels.

    To get the venue from Madrid:

    Getafe Campus is about 14 Km from the center of Madrid. The best way of get the venue is by train from Atocha or Sol Stations (Madrid) to Las Margaritas Station (Getafe). The travel takes around 40 minutes and the frequency of these trains is 5-15 minutes. Las Margaritas Station is at 10 minutes walk from campus.

    Map of building 14: Plenary sessions

    Map of building 15: Job Market interviews

    Transportation guide

    RECEPTION- COCKTAIL. Thursday 13, 19h

    The Conference reception will be at Main Restaurant Building at UC3M Campus.

    CONFERENCE DINNER. Friday 14, 21.00h

    The dinner will be offered at the HARD ROCK Restaurant, Paseo de la Castellana 2, Madrid.